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Everybody uses Facebook and Instagram, but not everybody knows how to manage a good social media campaign. It certainly is not as easy as just releasing a post on a Facebook page. A good social campaign comprises of a long and tedious strategy from understand the profile of your potential reach to executing the right creative ad designs to appealing copywriting skills and customise target setting. Through hiring of The Website Company for social media campaigns, you can count on our full and well-rounded effort to increase your engagement with your social media followers. That said, our effort to deliver your needs at lowest possible cost will see many constant tweaking and refining of ads based on the result from A/B testing.

Our Process

When you engage The Website Company for Facebook or Instagram advertising, you can rest assured that it's our forte. To be honest, we haven't seen anyone quite as passionate about social media as us.

As a start to any good social media marketing campaign, our team needs to gather all the information we need such as company SWOT, your experience, your uniqueness and many more. We will also research intensively to analyse your competitor. In short, the more knowledge we have, the better we can strategize.


With all the information in hand, our team will strategize a detailed plan on how to increase your business awareness in the shortest time. Questions like "what kind of message should be marketed along with your business?", "what kind of customer profile is your ideal client?", "what kind of creative should we use?" and many more will be ringing in our head.


We will not stop until we have a satisfactory strategy for your business.


During this stage, we will set up the Facebook account in accordance to our strategy. The set up will include construction of ad objective, ad scheduling, target setting, placement setting to ad bidding. We will also use different creatives and ad writing directives to develop multiple A/B tests.



Through daily monitoring and tracking of the campaign and A/B testing results, we will be able to study on many key metrics essential for ad improvement. All these key metrics will be then used to help us tailor a series of actions to expanding your reach, increasing your leads for your engagement with your customers.

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A/B Testing

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