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About the project
mc.2 Singapore is a best reviewed curtains and blinds specialist in Singapore. Despite their success, they never stop their pursuit in achieving growth and awareness for their business. The Website Company is honored  to be able to assist mc.2 with their ambition through our digital expertise in the hugely popular Google search engine.

Result delivered

When The Website Company took over their asset in Search Engine, we knew instantly from our research that there is huge potential to exploit in this area. Therefore, we start revamping their website with our own SEO tried and tested blueprint. Upon the completion of revamp, we also began to took over their Google AdWords’ campaign for daily optimization.

At the end, we simply delivered what they wanted using the shortest time. The website is completed in one month and after which their ranking climb tremendously in organic search result. Today, most of the keywords that matters to mc.2 is now found on the first page. With a healthy organic ranking alongside with their now well optimized AdWords’ campaign, mc.2 has experienced considerably vast growth in their daily enquiries.


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