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Often being referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC) or Google AdWords, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is probably the easiest tactic used in reaching out to ready buyers within Google search result pages. It allows businesses to appear in favourable positions whenever people are searching for their services and/or products. However, leveraging on paid search media is not as straightforward as it seems, as it doesn't support buyers' commitment stage. In fact, paid media supports the entire buyer journey from research to consideration to commitment. A well-executed campaign will aid businesses in delivering the right ad in the right place in the right stage at the right time, while a poorly managed campaign can result in a disappointing low to zero ROI.

Our SEM capabilities

Our team of experts have been directly involved in Google Pay-per-click campaigns from different industries, managing close to 2 million dollars of campaigns along the way. Our group of well-versed Google AdWords experts specializes in enhancing performance through testing of ideas and features within the Google platform.

Want to stay ahead of your competition? Let us manage your campaign to drive quality traffic and grow your conversion rate through our lead generating capabilities.

Our Search Engine Marketing Process

When you hire The Website Company for PPC campaign, you are hiring a dedicated and capable team that can bring you a number of leads within your budget.

To commerce a successful SEM campaign, our Google AdWords experts will undergo a series of intensive sessions to analyse your competitors, your industry, as well as discover sales intent keywords. We call this the critical data.


After setting up, we will move onto execution. We are confident that through the campaign, you will start to experience benefits of reduced cost wastage and lower cost per click through our expert management of your quality score. Quality score is a component which allows you to receive lower cost per click while maintaining a higher position over your competitor.


The critical data will then be used to create Google paid search campaign. All the keywords planning, keyword match type, ad group building, ad bidding, ad scheduling and ad copy creation will be tailored to suit the synergy of the critical data.


For any SEM campaign, conversion and ROI is of the utmost importance for any business. We will monitor the campaign daily. Our monitoring includes checking of ads, adjusting bidding when necessary, adding or removing of keywords and ad copy improvement when necessary.


Our SEM packages

High ROI SEM campaign

Critical data research and analysis

Keyword planning

Full account set-up

Ad copy creation

Bidding management

A/B testing

Low management fee & set-up

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